SunUp International School & College was established by the Principal of the SunUp Family, Kazi Shamsun Naher Alo, in 2007 with the motto: ‘Education Enlightens Mankind’, thereby combining respect for the deep-rooted traditions of Bangladesh, its history and language, with the excitement that scientific advances and technological innovation have brought to this country as well as the rest of the world. Whereas many English medium schools offer the traditional range of subjects to IGCSE and A level but neglect the study of Bengali and the roots from which the struggle for independence grew, SunUp honours its martyrs and teaches respect and admiration for the achievements of the past. We know that without the lessons learnt from our history, there would be no bright future for our native land. We would become anonymous and characterless, robbed of our heritage. For these reasons, parents need not fear that they must choose between the international qualifications they believe are in the best interests of their children and a love for all things Bangladeshi.

At SunUp, you can – and should – have both! Yet, none of this is to say that the SunUp Family is not firmly committed to innovation and technology. That is where the SunUp began and we have never lost sight of the importance these play in the future of the country. Bangladesh must take its rightful place on the international stage but it cannot do so without its people being technologically savvy. Let us know how you can contribute to your children’s intellectual, cultural and ethical growth and join us in making a brighter future for your children and for their school. Together we will do wonders!