The school is a community of individuals who live and interact based upon shared rights and responsibilities.
No pupil can realize has his/her rights unless she/he exercises self-discipline, not allowing his/her own actions to infringe upon the rights of others. It is the responsibility of all pupils to respect and ensure the rights of others.

Each pupil has the right to the following:

  • A meaningful education based on high academic standards which meet the individual needs of the pupil within the limitations of SunUp International School & College.
  • Express their views in matters that affect the quality and content of their education and/or the development of a meaningful academic curriculum.
  • Notification of all Institutional rules, regulations, policies and penalties for pupils.
  • All pupils have the right to know the standard of behavior which is expected of them and others.
  • Physical safety and protection of their property, including the right to safe and sanitary school & college buildings and facilities.
  • Consult with Teachers, Coordinators, Vice Principal, Principal, Superintendent and other Personal of the Institution.
  • A positive Institutional environment that maintains order, self-discipline and consideration for the rights and property of others.


  • Respect the rights other.
  • Respect the property of others, including keeping all books, facilities and materials used in the school in good condition.
  • Maintain neat and clean personal attire and hygiene.
  • Refrain from fighting, disruptive behavior, denying others the use of facilities, acting in such a manner as to risk injury to others, using threats or intimidation against others, theft, or any other unlawful activity.
  • Refrain from possession, use, or transmission of any illicit beverage, tobacco product, drug or other controlled substance.
  • Be prompt to school and classes and avoid, unnecessary or excessive, absences, and inappropriate classroom behavior which diminishes the rights and opportunities of others to receive a quality education.