Smart School

Keep pace with educational technology and to meet day to day challenge in class room. School has launched Smart Teaching through Smart Class.

In the competitive world there is a need to provide them with own digital content that is mapped precisely to curriculum teaching through smart classes is simple, minimally invasive, user friendly and have minimal dependence on teachers. Smart Class is conceived and develops around to ideology that for technology to become an integral part of day to day teaching & learning practices in school, it moves right in to the classroom where students and teachers spend over 80% of their teaching learning time. In this way through smart classes students acquire a greater understanding of the concepts taught in the class through engaging visuals and digital presentation materials used by the teacher. There is a deeper internalizing of abstract concepts that results in better recall an therefore directly impacting students academic grades.

  • Nice and clean atmosphere.
  • More interactive and collaborative.
  • Show video clips.
  • Demonstrate medical, geographical and mathematical topic.
  • Display Internet resources.
  • Create handwritten drawings, notes.